Mother's or Grandmother's gift - description bracelet


This makes a great group gift for a beloved mom or grandma. Just ask each child or grandchild to give a one word description of their mother or grandmother. I will stamp each word in different fonts and styles on a beautiful cuff bracelet that she can wear for years to remember how much she is loved.

Holds up to 25 words.

  • Available in sterling silver, copper, brass, and aluminum.
  • Sterling cuffs are made from solid .925 sterling silver in 16 gauge.
  • Aluminum cuffs are made from 12 gauge pure aluminum 1100 which will never tarnish or turn your skin green.
  • Copper and Brass cuffs are made from high quality 16 gauge metals
  • Measures 1" x 6" and will fit most wrists.

Please note that every item is hand stamped, one letter at a time. Each item is unique as only handmade items can be. Variations in spacing and letter depth are normal and add to the character of each piece.

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