Custom Personalized Cuff Bracelet


  • This is where you get to be the designer.  Just choose what width you need,  tell us what you want to say and what font you'd like us to use.  Be sure to let us know about any special designs you'd like us to include such as flowers, hearts, etc.  See our design page to view all options.

    • 1/4" and 3/8" widths will hold one line of text
    • 1/2" will hold 2 lines of text
    • 3/4" will hold 3 lines of text
    • 1" will hold up to 5 lines of text
    • Sterling cuffs are made from solid .925 sterling silver in 16 gauge.
    • Available hammered or smooth
  • The following is a list of how many characters and spaces I can stamp per line in each font.  Please note that if you want all caps you will need to decrease these numbers by 10.  Just write in the text box exactly how you want us to stamp your wording.  Do not use quotation marks unless you want us to stamp quotation marks. 

    • Bridgette 65
    • Typewriter 65
    • Scarlett 65
    • Verona 65
    • Kristen 65
    • Newsprint 55
    • Comic 55
    • Calligraphic 55
    • Jeanie 55
    • Nicole 55
    • Ballroom 55
    • Dotz 55
    • Spiral 45 will not fit on 1/4" cuff
    Please note that every item is hand stamped, one letter at a time. Each item is unique as only handmade items can be. Variations in spacing and letter depth are normal and add to the character of each piece.

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