Solid Gold or Sterling Silver Narrow Runners Reverse Cuff Bracelet - Personalized with distance


This beautiful cuff bracelet is the perfect way to reward yourself after accomplishing a big run.  It is made from your choice of sterling silver or 18 karat solid gold in 3 color choices.  Comes with a sterling silver charm with a distance of your choice and a swarovski crystal in the color of your choice on one end and the other end has a tiny star soldered to it.  

This cuff is 2 mm wide and 2 mm thick and measures 6" long which fits best on wrists from 6" to 7" around.  Other sizes available on request.

All our gold is made from responsibly recycled materials so you can feel good about your purchase and it's low impact on our world.

  • Available in solid .925 sterling silver with copper star, solid yellow or pink gold with a sterling silver star, or solid white gold with a copper star.
  • Nice thick piece that will not bend out of shape easily.
  • Solid Gold Cuffs Come in a beautiful rosewood box.
  • Sterling Silver Cuffs come in a black bangle box 
  • All solid gold bangles come with an insert describing how the item was made.  Perfect for expressing the truly handmade  nature to gift recipients.

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